Used Book Sale & Book Collections

Used Book Collections have been suspended until further notice.

**We have instructed Eagle Storage not to accept any book donations left for us in the meantime as we are paying storage on donations that are left when we are not able to accept and process them. Please do NOT take book donations to Eagle Storage until our book collections resume at some time in the future.**

The Used Book Sale for June 2020 has been cancelled. 

Plans are being made for an online fundraising effort in order to cover our 2019/2020 storage costs and fund local scholarships.  We also hope to be able to fund and offer a Back to the Books Scholarship in the Fall of 2020.

Watch our website, Facebook page, or sign up here to receive complete details to be released before June 6th!

Donation Receipt 2019/2020

When donations resume, please note the following guidelines.

We do NOT accept or attempt to resell:

Wet, smelly, moldy, or damaged books
Spiral bound or 3 ring binder style publications
Reader’s Digest Condensed Books

VCR tapes / cassette tapes

Our criteria are based on what the reseller will accept from us after the sale.

We screen Children’s Books according to CPSC guidelines. Download the Reseller’s Guide and see page 18 & 20 of the pdf (numbered page 16 & 18 of the guide.)
· Metal Spiral Bound Children’s Books cannot be resold and will be put in the trash.
· Soft plastic (such as those intended for the bathtub) cannot be resold and will be put in the trash.
· Children’s Paperback Books published in 1985 or earlier cannot be resold and will be sent to SCARCE for recycling.
· Children’s Hardcover Books published in 1985 or earlier may be sold from our Better Books section or may be sent to SCARCE for recycling.

You can take print items we do not accept or cannot resell directly to:  SCARCE  Please note, SCARCE is currently closed.

Their new location is  800 S. Rohlwing Rd (Rt. 53), Addison, IL 60101

The 61st Annual Downers Grove Used Book Sale was held on June 20 – 22, 2019 at the Henry Puffer Elementary School gym and stage.

Visit the Used Book Sale History page to read more about our Used Book Sale tradition!